Apr 28, 2023
Better health for all: Our vision for environmental, social, and governance

In a time of accelerating change and societal challenges, people are increasingly looking to businesses for innovative ideas and leadership. Maintaining this trust requires that companies keep promises to their customers, partners, and employees while demonstrating how they are making a positive impact in the world.

At The Cigna Group, our mission is to improve the health and vitality of those we serve. As an enterprise with a global workforce of over 70,000 employees, ranked 12 on the Fortune 500, we have both the opportunity and responsibility to bring this mission to life not only for our customers, clients, and communities, but for society as a whole. This culminates in our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy, through which we can effect change, uniquely aligned to our mission and our enterprise  championing better health for all. Our ESG framework focuses on four interconnected areas in which we are uniquely equipped to make a positive impact: Healthy environment, healthy society, healthy workforce, and healthy company.

pie chart showing The Cigna Group's equal efforts for a healthy company, environment society, and workforce.

“The Cigna Group’s ESG strategy is deeply connected to the core of who we are as a business and our drive to improve the health care system,” said Nancy Ryan, global ESG lead. “We’ve made meaningful progress over the years and we’re eager to continue our momentum with some exciting advancements in 2023.”

Where we’ve been 

ESG is integrated into all we do at The Cigna Group. It isn’t just a box we check, but rather, it’s a continuous effort to reach more people and make a greater impact. Since we launched our formal ESG program in 2013, we’ve accomplished so much together check out our previous reports. Last year, we were recognized for our strides in the four interconnected areas of our ESG strategy:

To learn more about all we accomplished in 2022, keep an eye out for our 2022 ESG Report publishing summer 2023.

Where we’re headed

While we are proud of the work we’ve been able to accomplish thus far, we know there is more we must do to continue advancing better health for all. In 2023, we have big plans in each of our four focus areas below is just a sampling of the great work our teams are doing this year:

  • Healthy society: Advancing a sustainable and equitable health care system is at the core of our vision of a healthy society — and where we believe we can make the biggest impact. We’re continuing to embed health equity into our culture, including through more cultural competency and health equity training for our employees. This year, we’re also continuing our Vitality research, with an increased focus on youth mental health.   
  • Healthy workforce: Our people are the heart of our company — without them, none of the important work we do would be possible. To support our employees’ vitality, effective January 1, 2023, we expanded our caregiver leave program, doubling from four to eight weeks of paid leave available for employees to bond with a child or care for a family member with a serious health condition. We are also evolving our DEI strategy in 2023 to ensure our people can bring their whole selves to all areas of their lives by focusing on a culture of belonging throughout the company.
  • Healthy environment: People’s health and the health of our environment are inextricably linked, which is why environmental sustainability is a core component of our ESG strategy. We are currently conducting an analysis of our Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions and evaluating a timeline to set emission reduction targets that are validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). These steps will help us better understand a broader picture of our environmental impact and give us a frame of reference to create more impactful emission reduction goals.
  • Healthy company: We have a deep and long-held commitment to strong governance as well as ethical and resilient business practices — and we hold our suppliers to the same standards. We continue to use EcoVadis, a third-party management tool, to comprehensively assess our suppliers’ ESG business practices. In early 2023, we started incorporating specific language in our supplier contracts that set expectations to complete an EcoVadis assessment, and we will seek to proactively collaborate with them on EcoVadis criteria moving forward.

“As we look to the years ahead, we are grounded by our history and the foundation of ESG we’ve built to guide us in creating greater impact,” said Ryan. “We will continue to ask ourselves what more we can do to create better health for all.” 

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The Cigna Group keenly focuses on profitable growth and purpose. We are committed to serving shareholders and society as a whole.

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