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Vitality: The Next Generation Measure of Health

The body and mind are intrinsically connected, but the complexities of health and wellness go beyond physical and mental health.

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Read the Report: The State of Vitality in the United States

We used the Evernorth Vitality Index to survey more than 10,000 adults across the U.S. – the largest study ever done on vitality and health.

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Vitality Influences How People Feel, Live and Work

Our research finds that when vitality is considered, cared for and strengthened, it can help people become the healthiest versions of themselves and fuel healthier, more engaged families, workplaces and communities. 

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Take the Survey to Measure Your Vitality

Every vitality journey starts with a single step. We invite you to take our short survey. Based on the results, we will share tips and resources with you so that you can craft your personal vitality journey to improve your health and well-being.

Vitality Fuels a Healthy Workforce

Higher vitality is linked to a more motivated, connected and productive workforce. By better understanding vitality and the factors that impact it, employers can help fuel a healthier workforce, and drive business and economic growth. 

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Cigna Champions Vitality as a Next Generation Health Measure

Cigna unveiled the Evernorth Vitality Index, a tool to measure health and wellness for personal, business and community impact. It was previewed at an event in Nashville where Serena Williams was interviewed by Cigna Chairman and CEO David Cordani.

Serena Williams, Roy Choi, and Gary Sinese Provide Tips for Fueling Your Vitality

Cigna presented results from the vitality study at an event in Nashville, Tenn., which featured speakers like tennis great Serena Williams, Cigna Chairman and CEO David M. Cordani, Roy Choi, a world-renowned chef and activist, and actor and humanitarian Gary Sinise.

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Understanding the Evernorth Vitality Index

We partnered with the world’s leading expert on the science of vitality, psychologist Dr. Richard Ryan to develop the Evernorth Vitality Index, a first-of-its-kind measure that builds upon decades of academic theory and data.

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Vitality Drives Health and Well-being for Veterans

Despite the challenges many veterans face, recent research from Cigna Corporation reveals that the veteran population is living with greater vitality than the general U.S. population.

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Family Caregivers Share Tips for Maintaining Their Vitality While Helping Loved Ones

More than 1 in 5 Americans work as unpaid caregivers for loved ones, often while holding a paying job and struggling to make time for themselves.

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10 Ways to Improve Your Vitality During the Workday

For inspiration on how to improve health and happiness at work, we recently asked our Cigna Corporation colleagues to share their top tips for simple, effective ways to add more vitality to the workday. 

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The Eight Dimensions of Vitality Explained

Vitality is composed of eight, interdependent, dynamic dimensions. A person's ability to make their own choices and be in control of their life across those dimensions – known as one’s autonomy, competency, and relatedness – impacts their vitality.

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Taking care of one's body to stay healthy now and in the future.


Taking care of the mind, and emotional and psychological well-being.


Balancing work in a way that promotes health, and a sense of personal satisfaction.


Maintaining positive relationships and having a sense of connectedness and belonging.


Ability to manage everyday stresses, be productive, and contribute at home, at work, and in the community.


Reaching financial security in the present and in the future.


Maintain and influence one’s surroundings and environment to manage and promote health.


Engage in activities that expand knowledge and skills, and contribute to one's full potential.

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Read the Full Report: Vitality in the U.S. and the Workforce

As we move forward, it’s critical to recognize that our overall health and well-being is dynamic and multi-dimensional  it is more than just physical and mental health.