Nov 27, 2023
Employers can fuel a strong economy by accelerating the transition to a value-based health care system

The U.S. health care system has long grappled with fragmented care, inconsistent quality, variable outcomes, and rising costs. In recent years there’s been a renewed push for value-based care (VBC) as a promising alternative to the traditional volume-based, fee-for-service model, and it holds tremendous potential for improving health while reducing unnecessary costs.

According to McKinsey, VBC could lead to $1 trillion in systemic value, positively impacting consumers, employers and other payers, industry shareholders, and other stakeholders. As primary payers of health care in the U.S., private sector employers can use their scale and influence to accelerate a systemic transformation.

The ripple effect of value creation will extend beyond healthier, more productive individuals and families, workplaces, and communities to a stronger economy and thriving society.

In this white paper, we explore:

  • The benefits of value-based care  
  • Ways to guide employees to high performing providers 
  • Challenges on the path to value-based care
  • Environmental factors demanding action
  • The commitment required for health care transformation

The Cigna Group value-based white paper cover

Accelerating the transition to a value-based health care system

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