Mar 21, 2024
Health Unscripted Podcast: Giving each person every opportunity to live well

A person’s gender, race, education, income, or ZIP code should never dictate the quality of their health. But the sad truth is that 68% of Americans report that challenges meeting social needs have harmed their health in the last year. While numerous factors can impede the quest for better health, physical, environmental, and social and economic factors – known as social determinants of health (SDOH) – have a more significant collective impact on health and health outcomes than clinical care.

In this episode of the Health Unscripted Podcast, Dr. Neema Stephens and Brooke Tomblin of The Cigna Group explore the health equity landscape – including industry challenges, barriers to care, and ways The Cigna Group is partnering with customers, clients, and communities to transform the way care is accessed, delivered, and coordinated. 

Listen to the full episode below.