May 8, 2023
Health Unscripted Podcast: The future of mental health care featuring Eva Borden
Health Unscripted Podcast featuring Eva Borden

Mental health conditions like stress, burnout, depression, anxiety, and others, have a direct impact on America’s workforce – impacting employee productivity, absenteeism, engagement, and employers’ bottom line. Part of the challenge is that many of the American adults that are dealing with a mental health condition are also struggling with finding the right care. 

In our latest episode of the Health Unscripted Podcast, Eva Borden, president of Behavioral Health at Evernorth, the health services division of The Cigna Group, sits down with Amy Ayrault, president of Evernorth’s new behavioral health provider practice, to discuss the future of mental health care – exploring how a more proactive, guided and data-driven approach to mental health can make care better, reduce costs, and improve health outcomes.

Listen to the full podcast episode below: