Jul 20, 2020
Cigna is Committed to Providing Health Care to All
Cigna is committed to making health care more affordable, predictable and simple for all. We take that responsibility seriously, and believe that every customer we serve – regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability – deserves the same access to that care.

As an extension of Cigna’s mission and values – and as part of our long-standing commitment to health equity and support for the LGBTQ community – Cigna continues to view gender identity as integral to whole person health. In addition, Cigna stands with America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)condemning a recent change in the Affordable Care Act that removes the legal protection for LGBTQ people when seeking health care.

Cigna’s benefit policies remain unchanged, and will continue to include standard coverage for treatments and procedures for the gender diverse community, such as medically necessary gender-reassignment surgeries and treatments. And this applies to everyone with Cigna medical insurance including clients, customers and patients, and Cigna employees alike.

This is just one of many ways Cigna continues to support the LGBTQ community – from the role we recently played in ensuring equal rights for LGBTQ employees everywhere, to a transgender awareness training module designed to help employees better support our transgender customers, and the organization’s active Pride Enterprise Resource group. Further, Cigna has been recognized as a top place to work for LGBTQ equality by the Human Rights Campaign every year since 2012.

We are deeply committed to eliminating any and all barriers as we work toward true health equity for the LGBTQ community.