May 30, 2019
Cigna Foundation Helps Piedmont Heart Institute Expand Women’s Heart Program

Shortness of breath, chest discomfort, dizziness… if it happened to you, would you be able to recognize the signs of a heart attack? To help raise awareness of heart health risks, especially among women, the Cigna Foundation has teamed up with Piedmont Heart Institute.

By providing a $449,000 grant, the Cigna Foundation is helping Piedmont Heart Institute expand its Women's Heart Program to additional communities in Georgia, allowing more at-risk women to access holistic cardiovascular care.

"Heart disease is the number 1 killer of women in Georgia and 90 percent of all women have at least 1 risk factor for heart disease1," said Jo Tapper, executive director, cardiovascular strategy and professional services at Piedmont. "What's shocking is that 80 percent of cardiac events can be prevented by lifestyle changes and education.2 That's why this program is necessary and can make such a tremendous impact."

At Piedmont, heart and vascular specialists help women take care of themselves so they can stay healthier for all that life has to offer. The program's extensive support network also provides female heart disease survivors with another powerful tool–the opportunity to connect with others who have had similar experiences.

"We view the body and mind as connected, and to help people improve and maintain health, it is important their health care approaches them as a whole person," said Susan Stith, executive director, Cigna Foundation. "Piedmont Heart Institute delivers a holistic approach to care that provides essential services for the body and mind, and we are happy to help expand the heart program into additional communities."

Through its partnership with Dottie Fuqua Women's Heart Support Network, Piedmont also offers dinners with physicians and healthcare professionals, aromatherapy and mindfulness classes, cooking demonstrations, yoga classes, and more.

The Cigna Foundation is a private foundation funded by contributions from Cigna Corporation and its subsidiaries.

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