Aug 25, 2023
Words of wisdom: Career advice for and from women

We all learn from experience. That’s true for everyone, of all ages, in all jobs, and in all locations — and we all have experiences and advice worth sharing. That’s why, in honor of Women’s Equality Day, we asked our coworkers to share what they’ve learned about building a successful career.

Read on to meet women working across The Cigna Group, who generously shared their wisdom:

Rimu Ahmed, client account support advisor, Evernorth

I’d like to offer these tips: Be a lifelong learner, be honest, be a team player, and keep a positive attitude. Maintain work-life balance, set goals for yourself, learn from feedback, and build professional networks. And always go the extra mile.

Rimu Ahmed

Heather Besch, business project lead analyst, Cigna Healthcare

Heather Besch

I am learning to assume positive intention in every interaction. Kindness goes a long way, as well as responding to others in a timely manner.

Kim DeLois-Fannie, business analyst advisor, Cigna Healthcare

Each of us have a different definition of success, so find what it is for you and continually set goals to achieve your success. Take advantage of ways to network and gain knowledge. Look for ways to improve, and don't be afraid to voice your suggestions. Help in any way you can and ask for help as needed.

Kim Delois-Fannie

Bianca Gomez, legal compliance advisor, Cigna Healthcare

Bianca Gomez

These are the keys to building a successful career:

  • Live by this motto: Don't work for your employer; your career is with your employer.
  • Identify what you enjoy doing at work and build on that.
  • Read, learn, and educate yourself as much as you can.
  • Network and establish relationships.
  • Flourish!

Pamela Gordon, oncology personal nurse advocate, Cigna Healthcare

When I started working at 17 years old, I decided that I would embrace work like a hobby, something that I enjoy and look forward to. I have kept true to this decision, and it has served me well.

Pamela Gordon

Candice Grotsky, audiologist, Evernorth

Candice Grotsky

Follow through and do what you say you will do. It's that easy.

Heather Harmon, inbound data lead analyst, Evernorth

The key to building a successful career is learning how to find opportunities and articulating those into accomplishments. Women have a tendency to downplay their accomplishments, and that holds them back.

Heather Harmon

Rebecca Kascak, oncology personal nurse advocate, Cigna Healthcare

Rebecca Kascak

I have been building my career by taking charge of it. First, I needed to find my WHY. From there, I have explored various jobs and have been networking with various departments, learning more and more about Cigna as well as myself. I now have a more clear vision of where I want to be and am knocking on doors instead of waiting for them to open.

Marie Montemurno, provider contracting senior analyst, Cigna Healthcare

Welcome the inevitable changes, even if they don't make sense at first. Be curious.

Marie Montemurno

Debbie Rains, executive assistant, Evernorth

Debbie Rains

I have been in the workforce for decades and have found throughout the years that "going with the flow" and being flexible is definitely a plus. I have been fortunate to work with some great leaders and can't express enough how beneficial that has been.

Vicky Sirica, operations director, underwriting operations, Cigna Healthcare

I have always learned the most when I have been uncomfortable. It took me awhile to figure that out, but with some great mentors and leaders, I have been able to learn and grow a beautiful career.

Vicky Sirica

Angela Smartt-Cowan, customer service senior supervisor, Cigna Healthcare

Angela Smartt-Cowan

When I came to Cigna, my goal was to become a registered nurse. However, I realized that my job in customer service gave me an avenue to develop a new career. Patience, understanding, and the drive to be successful helped me during my career journey.

Cathy Ware, program management senior advisor, Cigna Healthcare

Never be afraid of stepping outside of your comfort zone. That is the best way to grow and expand your experience. Once there, be open about your lack of expertise in that area and keep asking questions – no one else is responsible for your learning except you!

Cathy Ware

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