Jul 1, 2021
Executives and Employees Agree: A Healthy Workforce is Business Critical

Senior executives and general employees agree that workforce health and well-being are critical components of business success, according to new study by The Economist Intelligence Unit.  Both groups overwhelmingly agree that companies play an important role in helping employees live healthy lives, however, key perceptions vary among the two groups.

When it comes to mental health issues, for example, general employees ranked behavioral health coverage (services that help improve people manage conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression) as more important than senior executives for supporting better business performance. Employees also reported experiencing lower professional well-being (feeling connected and valued by their companies) compared to executives, which may impact their engagement and productivity on the job.

As employers currently play a leading role in workforce health, they can take steps to better align with employees to advance a culture of health that supports worker well-being for greater business success.

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