Dec 5, 2022
Video: Tips for Improving Your Health, Strength, and Energy in 2023
woman on top of a mountain victorious in increasing her vitality

It’s almost the New Year – a time to reflect, reset, and resolve to become the healthiest version of yourself by making changes that will give you renewed vitality.

After all, healthy people fuel healthier, more engaged families, workplaces, communities, and economies. Recent research on the science of vitality – a person’s ability to pursue life with health, strength, and energy – finds that when vitality is measured, considered, cared for, and strengthened, it can help people live fuller, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Watch the video below to learn about the simple actions you can take each day to fuel your personal vitality – and improve your health and well-being.

1. Go for a walk

Research shows just 10 minutes of walking each day is a simple way to boost energy levels and overall health, contributing to higher vitality. (Source:

2. Connect with others

More than 90% of people with high vitality report making time for relationships. (Source: Evernorth Vitality Index)

3. Grab a healthy snack and drink some water

People who regularly eat fruit, for example, are shown to have higher vitality. Research found that only 29% of adults with low vitality consume fruit on a daily basis. (Source: Evernorth Vitality Index)

4. Make an appointment for your annual checkup

People with higher vitality routinely check their health to track how they are doing, and more than 90% report having a primary health care provider. (Source: Evernorth Vitality Index)  

5. Identify one helpful resource

Sometimes we need help from others to boost our vitality – and many resources can be available through your employer or community. For example, a recent study found that more than 79% of employers offer an Employee Assistance Program. (Source: Statista

6. Nurture your purpose

Research shows that people who reported a greater sense of purpose live longer, happier lives. (Source: University of Rochester Medical Center) 

7. Give back to your community

Altruism is a powerful tool toward self-growth, and research shows that acts of kindness or service can improve your health and well-being. (Source: University of Pennsylvania)

8. Learn something new

Learning engages your mind and body, and research shows that it can reduce levels of stress and anxiety, leading to higher vitality. (Source: Duke University)

Elderly couple happy and full of vitality

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