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Tackling youth mental health is an employer imperative


Millions of young people are struggling with their mental health, and many parents feel
ill-equipped to manage the many related challenges impacting life at home and work. Employers are in a unique position to help.



The state of youth mental health in the U.S.

The Evernorth Research Institute analyzed the anonymized data of 20 million commercially insured people under the age of 26.
Here's what we found:


More young people than ever need care.





But, many may not be getting the care they need.





The mental health of young people impacts their parents’ health and well-being.
Working parents with children struggling with a mental health condition are:



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Research: For a healthy workforce, curbing the youth mental health crisis is imperative

New research highlights the state of youth mental health and the depth of the challenges facing working parents who care for young people with mental health issues.

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Youth mental health impacts families, workplaces, and communities

Changing the trajectory of the teen mental health crisis in America can support individual families along with fostering healthy workforces.

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Infographic: Implications of youth mental health challenges on U.S. employers

Employers spend more than $200 billion annually on behavioral health costs for employees and their dependents,a figure that excludes indirect costs such as lost productivity and missed work.

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The Cigna Group Foundation announces new grant program to address youth mental health crisis

The Cigna Group Foundation recently announced a multiyear, $27M philanthropic and community engagement initiative.

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