May 15, 2021
Helping Parents Thrive at Home and Work

For many working parents, who have been hit particularly hard during the pandemic, the line between personal and professional lives has never been more blurred. They have to make sure their children are developing socially and intellectually while many are working from home, have fewer family and friends around for support, and have less time for themselves. Many parents feel they have to compromise on their own self-care, especially mental self-care.

New research from Humantel, released by Cigna, suggests that working parents recognize the importance of self-care and mental health, but often struggle to prioritize it due to lack of time and resources. This can have a devastating impact for American businesses, as mental self-care is important for positive emotions that impact health, job satisfaction, productivity and overall optimism about the future.

To help working parents thrive both at work and at home, employers can do more to better understand the unique barriers these employees face and take action to deepen engagement with mental health support and resources.

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