Jun 20, 2024
Health Unscripted Podcast: Curbing the youth mental health crisis

When young people struggle with their mental health, the ripple effect reaches beyond the people close to them to workplaces, schools, and communities.

Employers in the United States spend more than $200B annually on behavioral health care for employees and their dependents and shoulder additional costs from lost productivity, missed work, and more. Yet, despite this enormous spend, the number of American children and young adults struggling with mental health issues continues to grow.

In this episode of Health Unscripted, Evernorth's Eva Borden explores new data from the Evernorth Research Institute that reveals the depths of the challenges working parents face as they care for children with mental health concerns – and how U.S. employers are uniquely well-positioned to help drive better, more sustainable behavioral health outcomes.

Listen to the full episode below.