Sep 29, 2022
Evernorth’s Birthday Wish: Better Health for All
Evernorth executives gather at the Outcomes 2022 conference

Two years ago, Cigna Corporation created Evernorth – an organization dedicated to making health care better. Today, we’re celebrating our successes and looking forward to the future.

As we evolve and grow, we maintain an unwavering focus on our vision: taking on the toughest health care challenges by seeing what others can’t, adapting when others won’t, and creating what only we can. Our four key capabilities – Pharmacy+, Benefits Management+, Care+, and Intellegence+ – encompass a wealth of services and expertise from Express Scripts PBM, Express Scripts Pharmacy, Accredo, Inside RxeviCore healthcare, CareContinuum, CuraScript SD, Freedom Fertility, myMatrixx and MDLIVE.

To mark our anniversary, we asked leaders throughout the organization to reflect on what Evernorth has achieved and how they see us evolving and growing in the future.

Eric Palmer, CEO, Evernorth

We launched Evernorth to the market with a simple but daunting goal: to make health care better. We’ve made incredible progress over the last 24 months, leveraging our best-in-class health services to meet the specific health needs and challenges of our clients and patients. But we’re far from done – as we look to the future, we will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in health care to do even more for those we serve.

Amy Bricker, President, Express Scripts

Thanks to the expertise, flexibility, and grit of our teams, we successfully brought Evernorth to life – allowing us to deliver better health care to more people. Today, through Evernorth and Express Scripts, we are even better positioned to help our clients and members adapt – and thrive – in the current challenging environment.

Eva Borden, President, Behavioral Health, Evernorth

Evernorth Behavioral Health’s provider network now exceeds 250,000 providers, ensuring access and affordability, and has become the largest virtual network in the country. Through our innovative products and services, we are driving faster access to the right care while integrating medical, behavioral, and pharmacy offerings. Our future is grounded in expansion and innovation aimed toward simplifying behavioral health care, giving us the privilege of touching even more lives in our quest to solve behavioral health’s toughest challenges.

Joan Harvey, President, Care Solutions, Evernorth

In the last two years, we have made tremendous strides to deliver on whole-person health, including the expansion of our behavioral health footprint, the launch of our provider consult service to improve oncology care, and bringing our first connected solution for people with musculoskeletal conditions. We are committed to simplifying the patient and client experience while improving health outcomes by creating connected, data-driven care solutions for conditions driving the majority of health care spend.

Matt Perlberg, President, Evernorth Pharmacy

At Evernorth, we’ve set a path to dramatically improve access and affordability – innovating and partnering differently to connect the dots in health care. Over the past two years, we have shown the market what it means when we say the whole is greater than the sum of our parts – coordinating care across specialty pharmacy, pharmacy benefit management (PBM), care delivery, and more. Our opportunities are limitless as we leverage the strength of our foundational services and continue to grow in emerging areas, all to better serve the patient.

Jon Salon, President, MDLIVE

Since joining Evernorth, MDLIVE has been able to accelerate efforts to enhance our virtual care offerings to create a patient care experience that delivers greater affordability, predictability, and simplicity for customers and clients. One recent enhancement was the launch of a patient health-monitoring program that enables primary care providers to better support patients managing chronic conditions. Going forward, we envision MDLIVE becoming the virtual care engine across Evernorth Care Delivery for a new model of care that is digital-first, virtual-led, data-informed, and connected across sites of care.

Dave Smith, President, eviCore

Evernorth has changed how we engage with existing and prospective clients across our best-in-class capabilities to meet specific client needs and challenges while delivering better health care and lowering costs. We’ve also improved how patients are managed and monitored from early diagnosis to help ensure they receive the most appropriate care throughout their care journey.

Melissa Arkus, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Evernorth

Over the past two years, we’ve built Evernorth into the leading health services company, thanks to the incredible hard work and expertise of our more than 30,000 employees. Leaning on our top-notch talent, I’m confident we’ll keep pushing the needle even further to deliver better health care for our clients, patients, and customers.

Matt Bennett, Senior Vice President, Care Delivery, Evernorth

We have provided high-quality care to millions of patients across health care centers, employer worksites, in the home, and virtually while bringing new, innovative services to create a more connected and convenient patient experience. Looking toward the future, we are motivated by our potential to further integrate our care services and capabilities across Evernorth with digital-first, virtual-led approaches to provide exceptional care and truly transform how care is accessed and delivered.

Adam Kautzner, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain and Drug Procurement, Evernorth

Through our creativity and hustle, we’ve managed to make “Evernorth” synonymous with the leading health services organization in the country. Today, outside entities such as consultants, pharma, and clients recognize our capabilities as market leading.

Frank McGoldrick, Senior Vice President of Underwriting, Evernorth

Evernorth has given us the foundational platform to meet multiple needs of our clients and customers in ways we could never before deliver, or even thought possible to deliver. The future of the organization is limitless as we drive innovative solutions and combine capabilities in ways our competitors can’t.

Urvashi Patel, Vice President, Data Analytics, Evernorth Research Institute

We launched the Evernorth Research Institute – a place where we tackle health care’s biggest challenges – in early 2022. We combine our unmatched data with expert analysis to unlock pivotal insights that enable meaningful progress in health care. In August, we released our inaugural report, which focused on our approach to reducing costs and improving clinical outcomes for musculoskeletal conditions, which is one of America’s costliest therapy classes. We are planning to launch in-depth reports every year, along with rapid research reports, videos, and infographics.

Christina Vallery, Vice President, Digital Product and Experience Design, Evernorth

Over the last two years, we’ve built and boosted our digital presence, evolving from a starting place to a site that takes a data-driven, test-and-learn approach to showcasing our products, services, and intelligence offerings in an audience-centric way. Looking forward, we intend to meet people where they are and present a composed, curated experience that gives them the tools of health and affordability right in the palm of their hands.

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