Jul 8, 2021
Cigna Recognized for Its Use of Plain Language in Customer Materials

It’s no secret that switching health insurance plans can be daunting for many adults. The choices people make can affect both the cost and quality of the care they receive. 

That’s especially true when customers become eligible for Medicare Advantage, either by turning 65 or qualifying based on disability. Suddenly, they are faced with navigating health plans that can be considerably different than the ones they’ve been accustomed to using. The questions can be plentiful: Are my preferred doctors part of my network? How much will my co-pays be? What procedures are covered? Are my prescriptions on the approved drug list? 

“Medicare can be very confusing,” said Shannon Adams, the Head of Customer Engagement for Cigna Medicare Advantage (MA). “Most people need help understanding their plans. At Cigna, our strategy is to make health care more affordable, predictable, and simple, so we work hard to clearly communicate to our customers.” 

That hard work is paying off. The Center for Plain Language, a nonprofit committed to promoting easy-to-understand communications from public and private organizations, recently recognized Cigna with two ClearMark Awards for materials that help our newest customers learn how to get the most out of their MA benefits. 

Cigna has long been committed [PDF] to using clear language in its communications. In fact, we have plain language experts who are devoted to ensuring that enrollment materials sent to customers are easy to understand and free of confusing health care industry terms. These experts also write and review communications that help customers use and understand their plans, and they provide plain language training for employees throughout the company.

Adams said clear and simple communications are especially critical for the MA demographic. Older Americans (ages 65+) are far more likely to suffer from multiple chronic conditions, which can be challenging and expensive to manage. More than 50% of elderly Americans have at least two chronic conditions, and 36% of elderly Americans report having three or more. One way Cigna can help MA customers maintain and improve their health is by making sure they understand and get the most of their benefits.

When they first sign up for Cigna MA, new customers receive a variety of information, including a dense, “evidence of coverage” document, a requirement of Medicare. To make the details easier to understand, Cigna follows up with a vibrant, plain language direct mailer to educate customers about their most-important and most frequently used benefits. The mailer also includes a refrigerator magnet promoting Cigna’s new customer assistance line, encouraging customers to call and ask questions about their plans. 

In addition, within the first 60 days of enrolling in MA, a clinical or customer service representative will call customers to assist them in understanding their benefits and answer questions. The representative will ensure, for example, that new customers receive their ID cards and have a primary care doctor. They will also help customers set up annual wellness visits and other appointments.  

“We are proud to be recognized by the Center for Plain Language for our Medicare Advantage customer mailers and call scripts,” Adams said. “By communicating clearly with our customers with simple, plain language, we can help them make informed decisions about their health, get the most from their benefits, and achieve the best possible health outcomes.” 

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